It has been reported that 58 percent of UK and US customers feel positively towards receiving hyper-personalised ads, despite the ever-growing consumer concerns over the use of their data?

The very definition of a paradox!

This contradiction is a real issue and one solution for marketers successfully provides two attributes: firstly, it allows for accurate targeting; secondly, and most importantly, it is privacy safe.

AI-driven contextual targeting delivered by advanced machine learning technology, adopts a remarkably sophisticated approach to identifying suitable audiences for brands in proximity to contextually relevant content.

Then it uses predictive analytical solutions using data derived from descriptive analytics to project and predict future behaviours to create audience insights, where a current lack of insights exist.

Digital advertising platforms are getting advertisers to embrace this approach more and more, and as adoption expands, so too will the accuracy of the predictive outcomes derived by the machine learning.

The result - a solution for marketers everywhere!