The first release of this guide on AI use cases and best practices is distilled from publishers, agencies, and ad tech and is specifically aimed at helping marketers get the most from AI.

This is very exciting as rather than simply giving a top level overview it actually delivers real insights for those already working with AI or anyone looking to leverage it in their business. Drawing directly from the real-world experience of IBM Watson Advertising and Nielsen this is a specific guide to everyone that is currently in the process of rolling out AI in their business.

An agreed-upon set of standards for leveraging AI across the web when it comes to the marketing industry is exactly what is needed right now as AI is the only technology that can keep up with the vast amount of data that underpins digital marketing in the 21st century.

Giving a practical understanding of what works and what doesn't is extremely helpful for anyone that needs to know real AI use cases, for example how AI can help bind together the media ecosystem across multiple devices and application that everyone in each household share, or use independently.

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Bon voyage!