It’s difficult to stand out, especially when everyone is doing the same thing!

Today, more than 80% of Google advertisers use automated bidding in their marketing to reach their audiences efficiently, but there’s now this has been elevated even more.

A new frontier in performance marketing has opened up marketing, as the latest generation of Google campaign tools allow brands to bid towards business outcomes. 

They call this new approach bidding for value.

Marketers can now implement bidding strategies to more closely align with business priorities, such as growing profit or revenue by using first-party data to allow Google to more effectively reach high-value customers. 

By feeding specific data into Google's system, i.e. conversion value data such as profit margins, advertisers can help their campaign achieve more strategic goals by giving the machine learning very accurate training data. In some of the most advanced value bidding setups, marketers can include lifetime value adjusted data.

Adopting a value-based bidding strategy is a great way to deliver as much value as possible within a set budget. Marketers that use these campaigns with the right blend of first-party data are seeing good results. 

This will only get better as more and more advertisers use these advanced value based bidding strategies.