Research shows that for many seniors, being online and staying up to date with technology is a very important aspect of their day to day lives.


Think about it... 

Today’s 65-year-olds were only 36 when the first internet browser was introduced in 1992 and 42 when Google was founded in 1998 and so they have have spent much of their adult lives experiencing advances in technology as a normal experience.

Google partnered with market research firm Known to conduct qualitative and quantitative research in summer and autumn 2020. This research sought to understand the digital habits and behaviours of today’s boomers and seniors.

Their analysis found that 86% of online seniors are enthusiasts who spend at least six hours a day online and own an average of five devices. 


These “digital seniors” are sophisticated, engaged consumers with 82% using their smartphone every day.

OK savvy marketers - how will you now think of targeting this demographic for future campaigns?

I for one am enlightened by this news - hurrah!