Performance Max and Discovery campaigns fall under the Automation pillar and Google is championing the use of campaign types to advertisers.

Both campaign types focus on reaching users at scale from a single campaign with benefits that include:

  • More simplicity in management (less campaigns)
  • Multi-channel reach
  • Greater ad inventory
  • Incremental conversions

Measurement is an ever present challenge or most advertisers, taking into consideration the iOS 14 update, the future removal of third-party cookies, and more.

The value of marketing goes hand in hand with measuring meaningful results to back up your marketing spend and to help, Google is rolling out new solutions to privacy and measurement including:

  • Enhanced conversions
  • Consent mode
  • Conversion modeling

When it comes to privacy Google has updated their privacy playbook from the advertiser and user perspective that includes:

  • Building direct relationships with customers
  • Ensuring measurement remains accurate and actionable
  • Keep your ads relevant

For advertisers, building a direct relationships with customers through capturing first party data for more 1:1 direct communication, such as email marketing or in-app messaging will become a staple approach and one that everyone will get more used to.