The closed ecosystems of Google, Facebook and Amazon have shown how they are leaders in developing and applying AI for the benefit of their respective businesses.

Their insights from gathering quality data at scale from the vast amount of interactions flowing through their platforms is exactly what is required to make AI smarter over time.

AI is used today for media planning and measurement within the advertising industry but the the advertising world of tomorrow shows a future where AI truly comes into its own.

The current 'decision tree' model will give way to a new wave of dynamic creative within the content itself, substituting products within story lines tailored towards the individual viewer and the advertiser's target prospects.

20 year's ago, marketers could not have dreamt about the precision and granularity with which ads can be delivered and targeted today, and thanks to AI, the future world of advertising will see campaigns that are truly remarkable in their personalisation.

Time to realise that AI is the driving force here!