Open AI's GPT-3 opened the eyes of millions of people around the world earlier this year (mid 2020) and very soon after Microsoft took out an exclusive licence.

The aim is to bring it into general use and the fact that Microsoft did this only 3 months after the research paper was released shows how important the use of generative text models will be in the AI space.

This type of AI will be available for consumption sooner than might have seemed likely just 12 months ago and will allow business managers access to an agile form of AI that can yield massive upsides.

In fact, a recent article issued by IBM this year describes how the rise of conversational AI will happen when it can understand context, something that is cannot do well right now. But given the advances we are seeing its clear that we are not far away and when this all comes together get ready for some truly transformational AI that can be adopted by businesses of all sizes.