I am very pleased to see such a great and timely article appear in Forbes advocating how AI will transform the future of sales.

Personally, I am adopting AI into all of my digital marketing company's processes in order to provide exponentially more value to our clients by enhancing their sales process as a result of adopting AI into their prospect qualification.

Research published by McKinsey as far back as 2016 shows that companies pioneering the use of AI in sales have seen an increase in leads and appointments of more than 50% and further analysis shows cost reductions averaging 50% and call time reductions averaging 65%.

This is astonishing and the benefits are truly incredibly beneficial for those that have adopted AI tools that can automate lead qualifying and nurturing to the point where they are ready for interaction with a salesperson. 

This frees up sales teams to focus on highly qualified leads and do what they do best... sell.

A sales process automated by highly effective AI is not a Utopian future... it is already here!

Don't get left behind... get started now!