A recent study undertaken by KPMG called the 2019 Enterprise AI Adoption Study illustrates what some of the world’s largest companies are currently doing with AI.

The study comprised of interviewing senior leaders from 30 of the world’s largest companies (Global 500 companies, employing approximately 6.2 million people with aggregate revenues of £3 trillion) and their study highlighted 8 key trends emerging in the AI space.

These key trends are:

  1. Rapid shift from experimental to applied technology
  2. Automation, AI, analytics and low-code platforms are converging
  3. Enterprise demand is growing
  4. New organisational capabilities are critical
  5. Internal governance emerging as key area
  6. The need to manage AI
  7. Rise of AI-as-a-service
  8. AI could shift the competitive landscape

In an earlier commentary, I mentioned how AI-as-a-service will be transformative for companies of all sizes so its very encouraging to see it listed here as one of the key trends emerging in AI.