Cathie Wood of Ark Invest, one of the finance industry’s most interesting money managers, once predicted that Tesla would be a trillion-dollar company. 

This is when it was valued at only ~$40B… it’s now worth ~$796B today!

Wood stays ahead of the curve by staffing her firm with scientists and researchers and as a result they exchange traded funds for next generation investing ideas including fintech, genomics and space.

Here’s the thing!

Their latest Big Ideas 2021 report predicts that deep learning (DL) will create $30 trillion in market value within the next 15-20 years. Deep learning is an AI function that mimics the workings of the human brain for processing data and is therefore a key component in the rollout of AI.

And the best part?

We can actually illustrate where this value will be seen.

  • Deep learning algorithms power the social media platforms and recommendation engines that we all use every day and pretty soon we’ll see them replace humans with writing code. This will have a massive impact in very complex models used in self-driving cars and drug discovery (to name just two).
  • The development and understanding in language understanding will be transformational with advancements in conversational AI which will unlock an amazing amount of value in virtually every industry we can imagine.
  • With the likes of Google, Facebook and Amazon  spending billions of dollars on specialized deep learning processors and data centers we will begin to see the awesome power of AI when this technology is deployed and made available to players of all sizes.

This final point could see a global transformation that will eclipse the advent of the Internet and it will unlock value in every sector of every industry… everywhere!

Watch this space… with interest!