The book by Kai-Fu Lee, titled AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley and the New World Order written in 2018 guides us to a future celebrating the benefits that AI will bring.

He documents how the changes that AI will bring will be dramatic and more importantly, much sooner than most people think. As such, he also lays out the current race for AI dominance between the US and China and how the two competing superpowers both have strengths in different areas and that the next few years will be critical in terms of which side becomes the dominant force and the forthcoming AI superpower.

This is an important battle that is currently underway and is going on, seemingly invisible to most people other than those in the field of AI.

As documented in The Financial Times, whoever owns the standard, owns the market. When it comes to AI that literally means whoever owns the AI standard will be the dominant superpower of everything for the next century, or more. 

We may see the world divided into separate blocs, with different standards applying to each, but make no mistake that we are in a race for AI dominance as the coming AI revolution will change the world in much the same way as electricity did... only this time it will happen much, much faster!