Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most talked about technologies in the business landscape and as AI evolves into being available as-a-service it will be much easier for firms of all sizes to start down the route of AI adoption.

The economies of scale that come with as-a-service platforms is exactly what makes them so appealing and the value that will be delivered by AI in this way will be truly breathtaking.

So, in the next 12 months we should see the following, according to this article in

  • Machine Learning for the masses. Data augmentation and data-healing techniques which will enable more insightful outcomes upon choosing the right algorithm.
  • Customer-centric analytics. Utilising AI to “translate” data rich journey touchpoints to humanly-digestible experiences in an easy, UX friendly way.
  • Smart X / Smart Everything. Leveraging IoT technologies to enhance real experiences, utilising machine learning as an accelerator of adoption.
  • Higher degree automation. RPA and machine-to-machine automation that does not just solve one part of a (sub)process but rather identifies and prioritises reactive and proactive value creation across entire value chains. This means moving from the bot and the bot farm to an Intelligent Automation-enabled Centre of Excellence.

Sounds great... lets keep watching!