In 2024, digital marketing emerges as a crucial and rapidly expanding skill, securing a spot in Coursera's top 10 job skills. According to their Job Skills Of 2024 report, digital marketing roles are expected to grow by six percent by 2032, surpassing average job growth rates. This growth is driven by innovative marketing technologies, including AI for insights and content creation, enhancing rather than replacing jobs in the field. The digital marketing sector is projected to reach a staggering $1.5 trillion by 2030.

A significant factor in this growth is consumer behaviour, especially on social media. An impressive 76% of consumers use social media for browsing and purchasing, reflecting a large market opportunity. In 2023, the global count of social media users stood at 4.89 billion, with LinkedIn accounting for over a billion. Recognizing this trend, Coursera highlights the need for organizations to develop expertise in social selling, a skill crucial for success.

The importance of social selling is further emphasized by LinkedIn's "15 Big Ideas Of 2024" report. It underscores the business significance of social media, predicting that influencer marketing will soon be a university degree subject. Southeast Technical University is at the forefront, having already introduced a degree in content creation and social media business for 2024, with applications now open.