Recent developments have seen our interactions with computers increasingly resemble our interactions with humans. 

Conversational AI is a powerful tool that not only understands our statements and naturally responds to them, but can also be implemented in an asynchronous environment connected messaging platforms such as SMS, WhatsApp or Messenger to name a few in order to handle tasks we currently attempt to do in a more linear, synchronous manner.

The interesting aspect to this is that rather than having to "teach" everyone to communicate in this way Conversational AI will simply tap into habits that we've all become accustomed to.


Because messaging allows us to respond in our own time, when we want to and more importantly, when we're ready to engage - it gives the user the power to control the timing of the conversation flow.

Soon, most e-commerce interactions may not involve completing an online purchase — filling our basket and complete the checkout process — we'll be talking to machines as we would a sales person and expecting them to keep up, even as the conversation changes course or topic.

Welcome to the upcoming work of Conversational Commerce.

Watch this space!