Reuters reported that Paypal has offered to buy Pinterest for $45 billion, and if this deal is agreed it would surpass Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn for $26.2 billion in 2016 to become the largest ever acquisition of a social media company.

Perhaps a consideration is that Pinterest is positioning itself as a potential must have platform for savvy e-commerce marketers, with a wide range of new features aimed at increasing the shoppability of its platform.

The new suite of digital commerce capabilities, from the visual oriented social media platform include several new features of its Idea Pins, which are shoppable video pins initially released in July 2021.

Pinterest is integrating Idea Pins with its augmented reality (AR)-based Try on Tool, released in January 2020,  which enables consumers to virtually try on various cosmetics products. 

The company is also integrating Idea Pins with the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate marketing offering. This will enable creators in the U.S. to add affiliate links from an assortment of millions of Amazon products and earn commission on qualifying purchases. 

Watch this space if you're involved in e-commerce - this could be something that is not immediately of benefit to you, but it could lead somewhere very interesting!