This recent article in Think with Google reports that we are now in an era of "slow living" with many consumers embracing the slowdown experienced during the Covid pandemic and actively searching out ways to do things that would have been considered too time consuming before.

How do they know this?

Because they have seen an exponential trend towards views of videos on YouTube with "slow living" in the title.

There was actually a 4X increase in 2020 compared to 2019 which indicates this trend is real and perhaps it will stick around for a while.

Therefore this growing trend can actually bring forth an opportunity for brands, marketers, and advertisers.

For instance, a very basic way to tap into this market, should it be the right thing to align your company or brand with is to associate with related hobbies, such as gardening or cooking in order to connect with consumers craving this type of content.

Alternatively, advertising against slow living content can work across product categories.

The biggest takeaway however, is to realise that there has been a fundamental shift in consumer behaviour and tapping into the state of mind of consumers right now will help marketers find ways to align their creative strategy to achieve better engagement and reach a highly receptive audience.

Even when things return to something close to normalcy, many of us will still be working flexibly and from home leaving time and space for our desire to find new hobbies meaning our viewing habits may continue to flourish in this way.

Perhaps this slow living trend will be around for sometime to come... if it is, hurrah.